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Ominous, cut-up stealth game Tangiers is hitting beta soon

Tangiers beta and release date

Back in 2013, Andalusian announced Tangiers, an avant-garde-inspired stealth game with a hint of William S. Burroughs about it in the way the world is cut-up and reconstructed. It all sounded fascinating and ambitious and after a long wait, it looks like it’s almost done. 

First off, take a look at the latest trailer. You won’t learn much, but it’s a treat for the eyes.

Here’s how Andalusian’s Alex Harvey described the game to me two years ago.

“We’re taking a slightly confrontational approach to much of the game – from throwing in inconsistencies and contrasting visuals every now and again to stepping away from a lot of the normal narrative techniques and expositions that gaming enjoys. The main thing is our focus on creating texture rather than meaning with the game, and opening up a more immediate level of… slightly aggressive communication with the player.”

Like Thief, there’s an element of horror, of strangeness and wrongness that permeates throughout the game, though like Thief it isn’t overtly a horror game. Also expect ethical conundrums and words that can become tangible tools, used to manipulate the game and the enemies within it.

Tangiers will be getting a beta launch on September 3rd, and the retail version will launch on November 26th.