Tango Fiesta update brings bosses with the best names

Tango Fiesta Spilt Milk Studios

Dr Fahrenheit is the best villain name I’ve heard this month.

He’s just one of the five new bosses added to Tango Fiesta in its latest update. It’s not just new bosses, though. Spilt Milk have thrown in four new weapons, six new enemy types, and a whole new game world.

It’s a massive update to the game that pits you against AI and other players in this 80s action movie-inspired arena shooter.

Along with Dr Fahrenheit there’s Snowflake, General Payne, The Shocker, and Lockjaw. Each of them more villainous than the last. Their backstories vary from former-body-builder-turned-Killionaire to a broken-hearted lover with a penchant for electricity.

Along with the five new bosses are new weapons designed to burn you, slice you, and electrocute you. There’s The Shocker, which “if you are unlucky enough to get hit by this fairly slow moving bad boy it zaps you good, causing damage and messing with not only your movement but also your trigger finger”; Dr Frosty, a futuristic freeze ray; a flamethrower; and the all-important Mark & Hamill Chainsaw.

Here’s the full list of changes:

– Added new game world, Who Wants to Be A Killionaire

– 5 New bosses added

– 6 new bad guys

– 4 new weapons added and available to unlock, including the relevant Austrian-accented shopkeeper’s updated VO

– New damage effects

– New trap: spikes! They hurt.

– New trap: ice! A slippery customer.

– New Music for Killionaire

– New sound effects for all guns, enemies, and environment


– Updated the origin spawn location of the blood trails when enemies are defeated to be more inline with their bodies.

– Updated mouse aiming controls

– Improved level generation algorithm to handle larger levels at faster speed

– Updated gun-store to add new guns and pagination

– Sound effects levels tweaked


– Fixed animation issues with not being able to aim in all directions until you had fired your weapon

– Fixed feet animation constantly resetting when firing your weapon

– Fixed enemy death animations not always triggering correctly

– Fixed issue where you would start the game with the wrong weapon being displayed

– Fixed issue where the animation wouldn’t trigger if you aimed in a direction, released the stick, then aimed in that direction again

– fixed issue with obstacles not blocking movement