WW1 FPS Tannenburg gets Roumanian squads in a free update


Historical first-person shooter Tannenburg is preparing its advance down the Eastern Front with a free update that is live right now. The update brings a new map, new weapons, and a whole new national squad to the WW1 shooter.

Tannenburg (which is currently in the final stages of Early Access on Steam) offers 64-player battles inspired by the warfare of the Eastern Front. It’s the counterpart to Verdun, from the same studio, which is set across the Western Front.

This latest update adds Roumania to the current roster of playable squads in Tannenburg, which includes soldiers from Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany.

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As well as the new Roumanian Infantry, the update adds two new weapons – the M1893 Mannlicher and the Carbine. There’s also a new trench map, which is, unsurprisingly, inspired by the battle of Tannenburg, which took place near what is now Olsztyn in north-eastern Poland. The battle was a resounding success for German forces as it resulted in the annihilation of the Russian Second Army.

You can check out a trailer for the latest update below, which shows off the new guns and a very angry German officer, and you can also take a look at Tannenburg on Steam.

The Roumania update is completely free for all players.