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Tarisland, the cross platform WoW rival MMORPG, hits full launch

Tarisland is an MMO that lets you play on PC and mobile with full cross platform support, and after several tests and betas, it’s out today.

Tarisland, the cross platform WoW rival MMORPG hits full launch : A lion man wields two weapons in Tarisland.

It feels like we’re in the middle of a second MMO renaissance. After World of Warcraft split the world asunder back in the mid 2000s, everyone scrambled to get their own version out – though almost none are still running today. Now it feels like there’s a ton of new MMOs appearing, each with the potential to carve out their own niche in this market still ruled over by Blizzard’s venerable game. Tarisland is a brand new MMORPG aiming to make its mark on the genre, and it’s out today.

You may have already played Tarisland a bit as the MMORPG has had several betas in the buildup to launch. Now, it’s heading out the door at last, with North American, South American, European, Eastern European, and Asian servers available. Playable on mobile and PC with full cross platform options, it looks to set the MMO free from the traditional method of sitting in front of the computer and plowing through content. Though obviously you can still do that.

Coinciding with the launch is the beginning of the game’s first season, or pre-season. Titled Season 0 it’ll start the game off with several five-player dungeons and ten-player raid bosses. There’s also a promised series of PvE modes, titled Arcane Realm, Universal Hall, and Dark Invasion. Players will be able to pick between nine classes, each with two sets of talents and eight ultimates as they set out on their adventures, with a ton of new stuff yet to come in future updates.

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Those looking to dive straight in and get a start on things will be rewarded with the Siamese pet after logging in. Anyone who took part in the pre-registration event will also get a pet dog, Prosperity Seeker, and a Unicorn Mount to speed up their journeys.

Tarisland is out today, Friday June 21 and you can check the times servers become available in your region and when you can pre-download over on the official site.

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