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Team Fortress 2 update gives the Payload cart a break from bots, puts an end to Mac resolution nonsense

Team Fortress 2

The TF2 dev team have gradually talked themselves down from the furious whisking required to cook up last week’s feast of weapon tweaks and new maps, returning to the regular, steady churn of weekly updates, which for the purposes of this metaphor you can imagine to be about the size of gingerbread men or small tray-bakes. Today’s is an appropriately nondescript patch in which six of the seven bullet points begin with the word ‘Fixed’.

Team Fortress’ Mac version is the most notable beneficiary – it’s been relieved of a couple of recurring screen-size issues. You’ll be pleased to hear that you can now reasonably expect to restore your TF2 window after minimising it, and won’t have to worry about errant mouse centerings in non-native resolutions.

Besides that, the main event is Payload’s cart, which bots had until now seen as a valid target. No longer – they’ll be aiming at you instead.

See the full changelog below for details. How will this week’s tweaks impact you, if at all?

  • Fixed crit and mini-crit sounds not playing in the ears of the attacker
  • Fixed some missing sapper particles in Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Fixed bots seeing the Payload cart as a valid target
  • Fixed an issue with mouse centering in non-native fullscreen resolutions for the Mac version
  • Fixed a problem with restoring the fullscreen window when app gets focus for the Mac version
  • Fixed the description for the Founding Father
  • Updated L’Inspecteur to include a blue material when equipped by the Blue team