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Team Fortress 2 charity event is a reversed Mann vs Machine

The Team Fortress 2 charity event Operation Rewired Rampage for the free-to-play FPS game flips TF2’s Mann vs Machine on its head and makes you the evil robots

Team Fortress 2 charity event - Operation Rewired Rampage: a robot heavy

A new Team Fortress 2 charity event to benefit victims of the war in Ukraine flips the free-to-play game’s popular Mann vs Machine mode on its head, positioning players as the evil robot horde looking to blow up the Red base. If you’ve never played the FPS game’s popular co-operative mode, commonly referred to as MvM, it’s a wave survival game where you defend your base against a horde of robots, while upgrading your character’s stats and abilities between rounds.

Now you have the chance to turn the tables, as Operation Rewired Rampage, which runs from June 17 – August 26, puts you in the shoes of the attacking robots. The aim is to fight your way to the Red base and deposit a bomb into a hole in the front yard, much as the enemy robots do in the regular MvM mode. The event is hosted by MvM community site Potato.tf and features “over 20 missions across 14 different maps.”

Operation Rewired Rampage is being held in aid of Direct Relief, an humanitarian organisation currently focused on supporting victims of the war in Ukraine. So far, the charity drive has already surpassed its initial $10,000 goal and is currently closing in on the $12,000 mark at the time of writing.

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If you want to join the action, Potato.tf is running Operation Rewired Rampage servers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia – so wherever you’re located, you should hopefully be able to jump in and try the mode out for yourself. Donating to the fundraiser isn’t required to play, though it’s certainly encouraged if you can afford it.

As for Team Fortress 2 itself, fans have been left a little out in the cold lately, prompting Valve to take to Twitter in response to the recent #SaveTF2 campaign and let players know that they have heard the community’s complaints about the game’s bot issues and lack of updates. Recently, two of the game’s most popular mods returned to action following radio silence from Valve.