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Official new Team Fortress 2 comic is real, Valve devs confirm

After seven years, a new Team Fortress 2 comic is actually happening and on the way, two legends of Valve, Portal, and Half-Life confirm.

New Team Fortress 2 comic: The Scout from Valve FPS game Team Fortress 2

Is Team Fortress 2 back? In the midst of criticism and controversy surrounding the stalwart FPS game’s botting crisis, Valve has regained some goodwill by hardening its rules on malicious accounts. But nobody was expecting this. Seven years since The Naked and the Dead, a new Team Fortress 2 comic is officially in the works. The script is reportedly finished. It’s currently being drawn. Two Valve legends, whose credits include Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Half-Life confirm that this is happening. Is Team Fortress 2 back? Team Fortress 2 might be back.

The Team Fortress 2 comic series expands and expounds on the world of the Valve FPS game, offering insights into the lives of Spy, Heavy, Scout, and the rest of the eclectic cast who remain locked in battle over bright-colored briefcases. Alongside the deservedly famous ‘Meet The…’ series, the TF2 comics provide the keenest (and funniest) look into the shooter’s bizarro lore, and now, as Valve cracks down on Team Fortress 2 bots, the comics are set to make a return.

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It all starts with a Team Fortress 2 fan called ‘PieSpie’ who is part of a community project that is creating its own, unofficial new comic. PieSpie contacts Jay Pinkerton, whose credits at Valve include the Portal series, Left 4 Dead, and Half-Life Alyx – and who is also one of the mainstay writers of the TF2 comics. PieSpie asks Pinkerton for any guidance or direction regarding their unofficial fan project and gets a surprising response.

“Just so you know, the same team that made the first six [Team Fortress 2 comics] have been working on and off on issue number seven for a while now,” Pinkerton replies. “The script is finished and it’s being drawn as we speak. No promises when it will be released but it is being worked on.”

Now, let’s pause for a second. You might be thinking ‘well, how do we know this is real? How do we know this isn’t some kind of hoax?’ Enter Erik Wolpaw.

Another Valve legend, Wolpaw has also worked on Team Fortress 2, its accompanying material, and other series like Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Half-Life. He doesn’t tweet often, but sharing a link to the discussion about Pinkerton’s email reply, Wolpaw breaks his silence. “Not a hoax!” the writer simply, emphatically states.

New Team Fortress 2 comic: A reply from Valve writer Erik Wolpaw about Team Fortress 2

Pinkerton even shares a small sneak peek at the next Team Fortress 2 comic. It’s not a lot, but combined with confirmation that a new issue is on its way, this might be one of the most exciting moments in the shooter’s recent history.

New Team Fortress 2 comic: A part of a new Team Fortress 2 comic from Valve

It also bears mentioning that in the past new issues of the TF2 comic were occasionally released to promote new chapters and updates in the game itself.

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