Scream Fortress has turned Team Fortress 2 into a urine-soaked carnival

Scream Fortress 6

Have you had your fill of Scream Fortresses past? If you’re not too fat on candy and old game modes, you might want to jump back into Team Fortress 2 now that Scream Fortress 6 is underway. 

It’s a carnival of death, dismemberment and silliness, as Merasmus takes over, sowing chaos with spells, curses and bumper cars. 

Along with the traditional murder tools that Team Fortress 2 combatants should be familiar with are curses, vastly increasing the size of an enemy noggin, or drowning foes in the traditional Halloween liquid: urine.

Cheeky curses are joined by spells, making folk invisible or unleashing a storm of meteors. It’s all fun at this carnival.

With massive heads, urine soaked clothes and singed hair, players will also be able to enjoy the delights of the bumper car attraction – a somewhat more aggressive version.

And, of course, there’s a comic.

Scream Fortress will run until November 12th.

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