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Splat Fortress is a Splatoon mod for Team Fortress 2, complete with squids

Splat Fortress

Sometimes, when my PC isn’t looking or is out shopping, I’ll sneak into the living room and fire up the Wii U for a few matches of Splatoon. Yes, I am a man who enjoys smearing his squid ink everywhere. The inky shooter is spreading, too. A Nintendo exclusive it might be, but modding has once again come to the rescue. 

Splat Fortress is Splatoon crammed inside Team Fortress 2. Take a look below. 

It’s in alpha at the moment, which should be obvious from the video, but Splatoon’s peculiar mechanics are all there, including transforming into a squid. It full of Nintendo assets, though, even including the fat cat referee, so Nintendo might not be too chuffed.

Cheers, Eurogamer.