Team Fortress 2 Workshop hammered into better shape

Team Fortress 2

The Team Fortress 2 Workshop has been the engine room of the game’s item-centric rebirth – so it’s only fitting that Valve should lavish the same attention on it as they do one of the best first-person shooters on PC. The community hub’s homepage and queue system have both been upgraded, with the goal of forefronting the most interesting and relevant items.

The home page upgrade is for our benefit – it’ll allow us to browse through new items created by authors we follow, see what friends are favouriting, and read recent Workshop updates from the TF2 team.

The new voting queue, however, is as much for Valve as their players. It’ll make discovery of new and interesting items easier – and it’ll help the dev team get a “broader sense” of which items players want to see in-game.

That’s particularly important in a time when Valve are looking to the TF2 Community for Tomb Raider items, rather than designing Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris promo hats themselves.

“If you’ve been waiting for your chance to put the heavy in short shorts, this is it. (Please don’t do this),” wrote Valve of the competition at the time – thereby guaranteeing the subsequent emergence of competing hot-pant designs.

Have you had an ogle at most-voted Tomb Raider-themed items, now collected on a single page?