No new Team Fortress 2 Halloween event this year as the team works on other updates

Team Fortress 2 Halloween

The TF2 team is busy working on further, larger scale updates to the game so they won’t be making a new Halloween event this year. However, all the previous year’s special game modes will be available as a stand-in plus a batch of new items. This was announced via a particularly scary blog post last night.

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Here’s what they will be delivering, in lieu of a new game mode:

  • Community Halloween maps with attached custom contracts
  • New Halloween taunt
  • A new item that makes other taunts have “unusual effects”
  • Cosmetics case, presumably with a spooky theme.

So while new gameplay additions aren’t on the near-horizon, plenty of hats to be had. On the major patch front, they did also give a sneak-peek at what they’re currently working on, though with no details:

  • A Pyro Pack
  • Competitive mode improvements
  • A “big new update and campaign”

Given this is Valve, when all that will arrive is about as easy to guess as the release date for Half-Life 3. “Soon” is probably a good estimate, with some amount of it coming this year. For the full Buscemi-’n’-eyeballs blog post, have a look on the official site.