Valve release annual Team Fortress 2 comic six months early

Team Fortress 2

Do you like Team Fortress 2? How about comics? If you answered no to both of those questions, tough: the chances are you’ll still enjoy the latest TF2 comic, so head-jigglingly entertaining is it.

There is foreboding. There is introspection. Valve have named it Blood in the Water, but it really oughta be called the Daddy Issue.

“Good news, everybody! We’ve decided to release the latest issue of our annual comic book six months early!”, announced the TF2 dev team yesterday.

“And what an issue it is! This double-sized monster has got it all, folks! All the action! All the words we know! 113 pulse-crushing, revelation-choked pages! It took us years to write – but thanks to modern reading techniques, it will only take you minutes to read!”

Blood in the Water finds Miss Pauling attempting to reassemble the team for one last Australium grab. But what is Australium for, really? Where do the team come from, while we’re at it? And where has New Zealand been relocated to?

You’ll read answers to those questions, as well as a certain amount of hilarious debate over the precise meaning of “extreme prejudice”. Enjoy.

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