Teamfight Tactics’ next mid-set update drops this month – here’s what it brings

Buckle up, Teamfight Tactics fans - there's a new mid-set update on the way

Teamfight Tactics is in for a new mid-set update later this month. Called Festival of Beasts, the multiplayer game’s incoming festival brings new champions (including two debuts), traits, customisation options, a game pass, and – of course – a brand-new season of ranked.

Kicking off in a few weeks’ time, the mid-set update introduces two passes – the Festival of the Beasts Pass and Festival of the Beasts Pass+ – which offer free and paid features linked to your progression, letting you unlock some personalisation content as you progress through your Fates journey. New content on the way with the festival includes some snazzy themed arenas that will change based on what’s going on in your game, a “revel-themed” Little Legends line (you can get a glimpse of some of these below), plus some festive booms – that is, some new style damage animations.

Additionally, developer Riot Games announces in a press release that there’ll be some ranked rewards for players from the first half of Fates, as well as a new season of ranked TFT, which means we can expect a soft reset and a batch of shiny new rewards, too.

As for gameplay tweaks, the new update means – as per usual – there’ll be some champions and traits on their way in and out of the live game. 19 champions are going this time, but 20 will be joining the autobattler’s character roster – including Samira and Tryndamere, who’ll be making their TFT debut. Six traits are going away, too, though seven will be coming in instead – so, we can expect some shake-ups to gameplay once the mid-set’s live.

Teamfight Tactics: Fates – Festival of the Beasts goes live on January 20, so you won’t have too long to wait before you can get stuck into the new content.