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League of Legends autobattler Teamfight Tactics teases next big update

Teamfight Tactics just celebrated five years and now it’s looking to the future with a new magic-filled Harry Potter-esque update.

League of Legends autobattler Teamfight Tactics teases next big update: A delightful penguin creature has become a wizard.

Riot Games is having a bumper year in 2024, with League of Legends receiving some big updates, Valorant going from strength to strength, and even releasing a fighting game by way of 2XKO. Not one to be left out, Teamfight Tactics has just celebrated five years of autobattling joy and the next update has just been teased and it’s positively filled with magical whimsy.

Titled Magic ‘n’ Mayhem, the 12th set for the autobattler game will send players to the wizarding world of the Magitorium. That’s right – Teamfight Tactics is sending you to a magical castle which I’m sure will be utterly legally distinct from any other properties out there. There isn’t a great deal of information available about the update just yet other than a few details about the theme, which promises that players will experience magic and imagination in equal measures.

This all follows on from the last set for the game which introduced a brand new feature called Encounters. By adding a degree of randomness to the game via legendary characters popping up throughout matches, it helped make the game feel fresh by ensuring players had to alter their approach at a moment’s notice. You couldn’t rely on a pre-decided strategy anymore, instead having to be prepared for an unexpected Encounter to pop off, upending all your plans.

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That said, set 11 has received a fair bit of pushback from the community, with many players positing that it’s one of the least balanced sets seen in the autobattler so far. Once past the honeymoon period, the game’s subreddit started being filled with posts with titles such as “Set 11 is the most frustrating set I’ve played so far,” and “TFT Set 11 is terrible.” Though it has its defenders, the community’s eyes are definitely now turned to the future with hope that set 12 can right the ship in terms of balance.

Teamfight Tactics Magic ‘n’ Mayhem will be fully revealed on Sunday July 14. If you can’t wait until then, take a look at our picks for the best multiplayer games you can play as well as our guide to all the best free PC games out there right now.

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