Teamfight Tactics patch 10.14 notes – Star Guardian nerfs; Blitzcrank, Lucian, Ezreal buffs

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.14 brings a bundle of Star Guardian trait nerfs, and a handful of Champ changes

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.13 has hit the live game, which means we’re over halfway into the autobattler’s and sister game, League of Legends’, 2020 patch cycle. TFT patch 10.13 turned out to be a big ‘un, ushering in a whole bunch Champ and trait changes across the game’s roster, and now TFT patch 10.14 has arrived on the PBE for a batch of testing, piping hot and ready to delve into.

So far, there’s a decent handful of adjustments to the online multiplayer game’s  characters and unit traits, and they’re worth checking out if you’re a fan, especially as there are some pretty significant updates. For example, there are some sizeable decreases to Star Guardian units’ mana for three-, six-, and nine-unit sets.

In addition, there are a few key Champion balance adjustments with the incoming patch, including nerfs for Aurelion Sol and Fizz, along with a bunch of important changes for Urgot, Vi, and Syndra, and buffs for Jarvan IV, Jhin, Mordekaiser, and Karma.

Take a look at the TFT patch 10.14 notes below to see what’s currently up for testing ahead of its launch on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 – and be sure to keep checking back, as more changes are sure to appear over the course of the next two weeks.


Ashe – changed

  • Ashe’s duration of stun effect has changed to 2/3/4 from 2/2/2
  • Damage dealt decreased to 200/300/600 from 250/300/700

Aurelion Sol – nerfed

  • Mana draining effect decreased to 10/15/50 from 15/25/50
  • Damage dealt changed to 90/150/1000 from 110/150/750

Fizz – nerfed

  • Damage dealt decreased to 400/550/4000 from 450/600/5000

Irelia – buffed

  • Irelia’s attack damage increased to 225/250/500% from 175/250/500%

Janna – nerfed

  • Janna’s attack speed has decreased to 80/125/500% from 100/150/500%

Jarvan IV – buffed

  • Attack speed increased to 75/85/95% from 65/75/85%

Jhin – buffed

  • Attack speed increased to 0.9/0.95/1.2 from 0.85/0.9/1.1
  • AD increased to 350/500/4444% from 244/344/4444%

Karma – buffed

  • Attack speed increased to 70/90/150% from 50/75/125%
  • Value of shield increased to 300/450/900 from 250/400/800

Mordekaiser – buffed

  • Mordekaiser’s damage dealt increased to 75/100/200 from 50/75/125

Rakan – changed

  • Duration of knockup changed to 1.5/2/2.5 seconds from 1.5 seconds

Riven – nerfed

  • Shield decreased to 200/350/1000 from 225/375/1000

Syndra – changed

  • Syndra’s damage has changed to 85/125/225 from 100/125/200

Urgot – changed

  • Spell targeting adjusted, so it’s now set to Fastest (changed from Farthest in Attack Range). This means Urgot’s spells now impact the fir enemy it makes contact with, rather than just the target you’re aiming for.
  • Urgot’s attack range changed to 420 (two hexes) from 660 (three Hexes)
  • Guardian’s Angel can now prevent Executes
  • Time given to reel in a foe has changed – now scales alongside Star Level (1.5 sec to 3/2/1 seconds)
  • Urgot’s mana increased to 50/100 from 40/90
  • Reduction of mana for each cast changed to 20/30/100 from 10/20/90

Vi – changed

  • Vi’s damage dealt changed to 350/550/1500 from 400/600/1200
  • Knockup damage has increased to 150/200/750 from 150/200/500

Viktor – nerfed

  • Viktor’s aftershock damage has decreased to 200/325/1500 from 250/400/1500


Celestial – buffed

  • Healing (two-unit) increased to 30% from 15%
  • Healing (four-unit) increased to 50% from 40%
  • Healing (six-unit) increased to 150% from 99%

Cybernetic – nerfed

  • Health (three-unit) decreased to 300 from 350
  • Health (six-unit) decreased to 550 from 600
  • AD (six-unit) decreased to 70 from 75

Sorcerer – nerfed

  • Spell power (three-unit) decreased to 40% from 45%
  • Spell power (six-unit) decreased to 70% from 75%

Star Guardian – nerfed

  • Mana (three-unit) decreased to 15 from 25
  • Mana (six-unit) decreased to 25 from 40
  • Mana (nine-unit) decreased to 45 from 55

That’s all for TFT patch 10.14 for now, but so keep checking back on these notes over the next week or so, as more changes are likely to appear very soon.

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