Teamfight Tactics patch 10.15 notes – Jinx, Lucian, Graves buffs; Jhin nerf

Teamfight Tactics' incoming patch isn't as hefty as its most recent, but there are some key changes to a few Champs in store

Things are ramping up in the universe of Runeterra. League of Legends’ new Jungler Champion Lillia is on the way, a batch of Spirit Blossom skins – the first in a new line – have been unveiled, and now all signs are pointing to the next Champion headed to LoL, Yone. Changes might not be quite so extensive for Teamfight Tactics, the MOBA game’s sister title, for this patch on the other hand, but there are still some key adjustments to eyeball for Teamfight Tactics patch 10.15’s arrival next week. Let’s take a look.

While LoL patch 10.15 is practically bursting at the seams, Teamfight’s incoming update is a little less packed, with just a handful of Champion balance changes up for testing on the autobattler’s testing servers right now. However, there are a few pretty significant Champ buffs, and the odd nerf, to be aware of.

Jinx, for example, is seeing a pretty hefty boost to her ability attack speed, while the damage Lucian’s ability deals has also been tuned up.

The blind duration of Graves’ ability, meanwhile, is getting a slight buff, too, though The Virtuoso, Jhin, is a little less lucky, seeing his ability’s attack damage take a bit of a hit.

Read on to see the Teamfight Tactics patch 10.15 notes below.


Ashe – nerfed

  • Ashe’s mana has decreased to 40/100 from 50/100

Darius – changed

  • Darius’ health has increased to 800 from 750
  • Darius’ mana has decreased to 0/50 from 0/60

Graves – buffed

  • Graves’ blind duration for ability has increased to 3/4/6 from 2/3/5

Janna – nerfed

  • Janna’s mana decreased to 20/100 from 30/100

Jarvan IV – nerfed

  • Jarvan’s bonus attack speed has decreased to 50/60/75% from 75/85/95%

Jinx – buffed

  • Jinx’s ability attack speed has increased to 75/100/150% from 50/70/100%

Jhin – nerfed

  • Jhin’s ability attack damage (AD) has decreased to 344/444/4444% from 350/500/4444%

Lucian – buffed

  • Lucian’s ability damage has increased to 200/250/500 from 150/200/375

Master Yi – buffed

  • Master Yi’s armour has increased to 50 from 30
  • Master Yi’s magic resist (MR) has increased to 35 from 20

Neeko – buffed

  • Neeko’s mana has increased to 35/100 from 25/100

Rakan – nerfed

  • Rakan’s health has decreased to 50 from 700

Viktor – buffed

  • Viktor’s mana cost has decreased to 0/60 from 0/70



  • Healing effect based on damage dealt decreased to 15/45/150% from 20/45/150%


  • Galactic Armoury change – All players begin with three component items, with everyone getting the same three items.

That’s all we’ve got for the upcoming TFT patch 10.15 notes for now, but do keep checking back as more changes, tweaks, and various other tinkerings are likely to appear before the update goes live. According to the 2020 League of Legends patch schedule, this round o’ changes is due to land on live servers on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

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