Teamfight Tactics patch 10.23 notes – Divine, Keeper, Hunter, Keeper trait changes

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.23 brings some tweaks to a bunch of TFT traits, and several Champs

Update – November 11, 2020: Teamfight Tactics patch 10.23 has headed to live! Check out the Teamfight Tactics patch 10.24 notes to see what’s on the way next.

The end of the year approaches, Teamfight Tactics fans. Leaves on the trees are changing colour, the days are growing chillier, and we’re rolling ever closer to the end of the multiplayer game’s 2020 patch cycle. TFT patch 10.22 has finished up on the autobattler’s testing grounds and headed to live, which means it’s time to see what the next update holds.

Teamfight Tactics patch 10.23 has now begun dropping onto the PBE for its own fortnight of testing, and though there’s just a mere handful of balance changes that have popped up so far, they’re worth being aware of to get an idea of what’s on the way very soon. First of which are a couple of trait balance changes – take note, Divine, Hunter, and Keeper Champion fans – there are some buffs, nerfs, and adjustments across these three traits.

As for Champs, Xin Zhao, Ahri, Katarina, Kennen, Kalista, Zed, and Warwick are the only few with any tweaks right now, but you can check out what’s what in the notes below.

As ever, be sure to keep checking back on these notes over the course of the update’s testing cycle, as we’ll surely see more changes appear for tinkering very soon – and we’ll include all you need to know here. For now, let’s take a look at the Teamfight Tactics patch 10.23 notes:


Xin Zhao – changed (tier three)

  • Xin Zhao’s ability has been changed:
    • “Crescent Guard: Xin Zhao sweeps around him, dealing [300/325/350% (x SP)] of his Attack Damage to nearby enemies and gain [50/60/75] Armour and Magic Resist for the rest of combat”

Katarina – changed (tier three)

  • Total damage dealt from ability changed to 750/900/1600 from 600/900/1600

Kennen – nerfed (tier three)

  • Damage dealt by ability decreased to 300/450/1200 from 300/450/1350

Ahri – buffed (tier four)

  • Damage dealt by Ahri’s ability has increased to 500/700/3000 from 475/675/3000

Kalista – buffed (tier three)

  • Maximum health damage dealt increased to 4/6/9% from 4/6/8%

Warwick – nerfed (tier four)

  • Duration of ability’s stun effect decreased to 0.75/0.75/3 seconds from 1.5/1.5/3 seconds
  • Attack Speed for ability decreased to 135/150/500% from 175/200/500%

Zed – changed (tier two)

  • Damage dealt by ability changed to 40/50/75 from 25/50/75
  • Attack Damage steal effect from ability changed to 30/35/40% from 20/30/40%

* Morgana – buffed 

*Note – this has already been shipped to live, but could be back for testing or undone, depending on how it goes in the live game:


Divine – buffed

  • Damage reduction effect increased to 50% from 40%
  • Bonus true damage increased to 50% from 40%
  • Duration of effect (two units) decreased to 3 seconds from 4 seconds
  • Duration of effect (eight units) increased to 15 seconds from 13 seconds

Hunter – nerfed

  • Damage dealt (two units) decreased to 125% from 150%
  • Damage dealt (three units) decreased to 150% from 175%
  • Damage dealt (four units) decreased to 175% from 200%
  • Damage dealt (five units) decreased to 200% from 225%

Keeper – effect changed

  • “At the start of combat, Keepers grant themselves and all nearby allies a shield for a duration. This shield is 50% stronger on Keepers.”
    • Two units: 175 shield, 8 seconds
    • Four units: 250 shield, 10 seconds
    • Six units: 400 shield, 15 seconds

Dazzler – nerfed

  • Attack Damage reduction effect (two units) decreased to 40% from 50%

That’s about it for the Teamfight Tactics patch 10.23 notes right now, but keep checking back as more changes and updates will likely appear on the PBE before the patch goes live in a couple weeks’ time. According to the League of Legends 2020 patch schedule, TFT patch 10.23 is go live Wednesday, November 11, 2020. It’s worth noting that the above are based on what’s up for testing, so might not reflect the complete or final versions of the upcoming changes.

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