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TFT patch 13.3 will let you choose from way more Hero Augments

TFT patch 13.3 will give you way more control over the Hero Augments you get, making it easier to build your perfect Teamfight Tactics squad each time you play.

Teamfight Tactics Hero Augments Rerolls - League of Legends champion Samira, a woman with long purple hair and an eyepatch, grins as she aims her pistol

Your Teamfight Tactics teams are about to get more consistent thanks to TFT patch 13.3, as Riot announces one huge change that’s coming to the Hero Augments system. As one of the best auto battlers on PC in 2023, plenty of people are still playing the League of Legends spin-off inspired by the Dota Auto Chess custom game mode, and Riot Games says it understands that players want to make the most of their time with the game.

“We’ve heard how, for a lot of you, you only have so much time to play TFT,” Riot’s Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer says in a Twitter thread, “and getting to play something you enjoy is important for having fun with the game.” As such, the gameplay director explains, the team has decided to give players more opportunities to find Hero Augments they like to help ensure they’re able to build a deck they’re happy with.

As of TFT patch 13.3, you’ll get four rerolls for Hero Augments. With three choices offered initially, and a further three per reroll, that means you’ll potentially see up to 15 different Hero Augments each time you come to choose one. These rerolls are separate from the standard reroll you get for normal Augments, so you don’t need to worry about saving it for the Hero Augment pick.

In addition to this, he explains that the way Hero Augments are chosen is set to continue working the same as previously. That means 2-1 Hero Augments will still be selected completely at random – but, with four potential rerolls now at your disposal, you should be able to find something that you’re comfortable picking.

Teamfight Tactics - a screen offering the choice of three Hero Augments, with a button to reroll showing a '4' counter.

3-2 and 4-2 Hero Augments, meanwhile, will still be somewhat tailored based on your deck, meaning that you’re “extremely likely to hit what you’re looking for.” Mortimer notes, continuing “this also means you don’t need to weaken your board” when it comes to choosing them.

This is a pretty significant change – four is a pretty high number to jump to, after all – but for most players it should simply smooth out the randomness and make TFT as a whole feel a little more pleasingly consistent to play. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a while into a match only to get stiffed because you’re handed a selection of equally-useless Hero Augments that don’t complement your strategy at all.

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