Teamfight Tactics’ ranked mode is now live on League of Legends’ PBE

The autobattler's ranked mode should arrive on live servers later this month

Teamfight Tactics

Now that the entire League of Legends community has had its chance to figure out Teamfight Tactics, things are starting to fall into place. Strategies have evolved, favourite team comps hammered out, and I hear that at least some players have earned actual items from their creep rounds. And now that we all know what we’re doing, it’s time to up the stakes.

Riot told players that a ranked mode would be coming to its new autobattler in League of Legends patch 9.14 before the game even released. That patch is currently available on LoL’s testing server, the PBE, meaning that some players are already starting to climb the ladder.

To earn a rank, you’ll need to complete five matches. Once you’ve been given that official rating, you’ll move up and down the ladder based on your success. While you have (in theory) a 50/50 chance of winning a game of League of Legends, only one player can come out on top in a game of Teamfight Tactics.

To help ensure that the first-place finisher isn’t the only one getting rewarded, however, anyone who finishes in the top half of the table will gain LP, helping them progress. If you’re knocked out before the halfway point, however, you’ll lose LP, slipping back down a peg or two.

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Otherwise, it seems like the ranked system is reminiscent of League of Legends’. There are ranked tiers, from Iron IV all the way up to Grand Master, and the ability to get promoted (or demoted) based on your success. All of which promises to make Teamfight Tactics – usually devoid of the stresses and strains of traditional LoL – far more stressful.

Patch 9.14 is live on the PBE now, and is set to hit live servers later this month. Hopefully, we should be able to start our ranked grind all over again some time around July 19 or 20.