Twitch Plays Teamfight Tactics reaches Gold III rank in just two days

Statistically, Twitch Plays TFT is probably better than you


Twitch Plays streams have become an institution on the platform ever since chat conquered Pokémon Red, and now we can watch crowds attempt to conquer autobattlers in Twitch Plays Teamfight Tactics. Given how automated the genre is, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising to know that Twitch chat is having a fair amount of success online.

Just two days after launching, Twitch Plays TFT has reached Gold III rank. We don’t know exactly how rank distribution breaks down in TFT, but in standard League of Legends, Gold III tends to represent the top 30%-40% of players. That means, statistically, a collection of Twitch chatters is better than two-thirds of Teamfight Tactics players.

The Twitch bot has been climbing the ladder of TFT ranked at an impressive pace. Earlier today, Dot Esports noted that it had reached Gold IV, and it’s already advanced again since then. You can check the progress up the leaderboards courtesy of The bot’s currently got a 17.2% win rate over its 93 games so far.

Twitch Plays TFT is probably helped along by its relatively small viewership – around 130 people are tuned in as of this story – which means there are fewer contradictory commands keeping the bot from an effective strategy. Creator TheDavenger on Reddit says that bans for trolls have been much more proactive here too, since a couple of intentionally poor moves could sabotage a whole game.

Tune into Twitch if you want to join the action for yourself. In the meantime, you might want to study up on the best Teamfight Tactics comps if you want to help our little bot friend on the seemingly inevitable path to victory.