The best Teardown mods now are highlighted in game

The best Teardown mods can now be found in the sandbox game's main menu, with mods for welding, new vehicles, enemies, maps, and a loyal dog companion

Best Teardown mods: A blocky orange dog stands on a rain-slicked pier in Teardown.

You don’t have to go searching high and low for the best Teardown mods anymore. The latest patch puts them front and centre in the sandbox game’s internal mod manager, so it’s a snap to find fun mods to add. There are already loads of featured mods to pick from, including new maps, new tools, giant enemies, and a loyal dog – which, yes, you can pet.

Teardown update 1.2 adds the featured mods menu to the mod manager UI. Click play, head to mod manager, and you’ll find a button for the featured mods area. Developer Tuxedo Labs has not only identified the best mods for Teardown, it’s also organised them by type and provided a little explanatory text for each one so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

There’s a wide range of featured mods already: a welding tool and other new gadgets, intriguing new maps, and even fearsome flying robot enemies if you’re not into the whole chill vibes thing.

We tried out the dog companion mod as a test of the new system, and it’s a breeze to use. Similar to the Steam Workshop, you simply find the mod you want to try and click ‘subscribe.’ Teardown will download the mod, and when it’s ready, you can click the button to toggle between disabled and active.

Patch 1.2 also adds the campaign’s Muratori Beach level as a playable sandbox level, so you can head over there to tear as much of it down as you like. If you’re looking for more custom content, you might try this Minecraft mod for Teardown that players cooked up during Early Access.