Teardown mods add Minecraft pickaxes, a Portal gun, and Team Fortress 2 weapons

Modders have absolutely gone to town on the charming little demolition sandbox

As the name suggests, Teardown isn’t about building things, it’s about wrecking stuff. The charming little voxel-based sandbox game appeared on Steam Early Access just over a week ago, and modders have already gone to town on it, adding everything from Minecraft tools to Team Fortress 2 weapons.

Teardown’s voxel art style makes it a natural fit for Minecraft’s chunky visuals, and there are already a host of Minecraft-themed mods for the game on Nexus Mods. Swap out the sledgehammer for a diamond pickaxe or Steve’s blocky hand. You can change the UI to one that uses the familiar Minecraft HUD with health hearts and the toolbar. Of course, there are several maps to choose from as well, all done to make Teardown look just like Minecraft.

But modders haven’t stopped there, not by a long stretch. Another mod adds the police helicopter to every map, replacing it with the original Doom’s bulbous red cacodemon. There are several weapon packs, including ones for the FN-FAL and Spas-12 shotgun. You can even use voxel versions of a selection of weapons from Team Fortress 2.

Perhaps the most impressive mod to date is the working portal gun. This replaces Teardown’s spraycan, and lets you place portals on Teardown’s surfaces that you can travel through. It has a few limitations: you can’t travel through portals while carrying objects, for instance.

Check each mod’s page for instructions on how to install them – a few require different steps, although in almost all cases it’s simply a matter of copying the mod files into the Teardown\create\custom folder.

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