Technobabylon will cyberpunk your brains out in May

Technobabylon launch trailer

Technobabylon, the cyberpunk thriller from Wadjet Eye and James Dearden, is poised to reintroduce adventure gamers to the city of Newton, an AI-run future town in 2087, this May. Expect mind-jacking serial killers, synthetic drugs that remove the need for human interaction and a strong Neuromancer vibe. 

Direct your cyborg peepers toward the launch trailer below. 

So what’s it all about then? Straight from the horse’s mouth: “CEL agents Charlie Regis and Max Lao are investigating a serial Mindjacker who is tapping into the neural wiring of seemingly ordinary citizens, stealing their knowledge and leaving them dead. An agoraphobic net addict named Latha Sesame might be the next target. But when Charlie’s past comes back to haunt him, he and his partner find themselves on opposite sides of the law, with Latha’s fate in the crossfire.”

Dearden originally planned to release Technobabylon as eight freeware episodes, but after releasing three, he teamed up with Wadjet Eye and the whole thing is going to be one complete saga with a bit more spit and polish, including new art from the ultra-talented Ben Chandler and voice acting.

Technobabylon is due out on May 21st.