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Tekken 7 sales pass 9 million, now the best selling Tekken game

Bandai Namco announces Tekken 7 sales have passed nine million worldwide, passing Tekken 3 to become the best-selling Tekken game in the fighting game series

Tekken 7 sales pass nine million, now best selling Tekken game: Kazumi Mishima

Tekken continues to go from strength to strength, with its publisher Bandai Namco announcing that Tekken 7 sales have passed nine million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling Tekken game of all time. This surpasses Tekken 3’s 8.5 million sales and Tekken 5’s 8.2 million, meaning that the latest entry in the fighting game series is now its most successful.

This new milestone means that Tekken 7 has sold an additional three million copies since September 2020 when game director Katsuhiro Harada announced that Tekken 7 sales had passed the six million mark. The series as a whole has now sold over 53 million copies. Passing the beloved classic Tekken 3 in sales numbers is no mean feat, and is a much-deserved success for what is one of the best games in the long-running series.

Bandai Namco announced at the Combo Breaker 2022 tournament that the Tekken World Tour 2022 will see the fighting game return to in-person competition, with five ‘master events’ beginning at the upcoming CEO 2022 event on June 24.

It’s unclear whether the game will see a fifth season of new content arriving soon or whether it’s time for Tekken 8 to make its grand appearance. Whatever the future holds for the King of Iron Fist tournament, it’s likely that this sales success story will mean that more Tekken action is on the way sooner rather than later.

Tekken 7’s PC version is very well regarded – so much so, in fact, that PlayStation buying Evo didn’t stop Tekken from being played on PC. The game is still maintaining a healthy Steam player count too, holding at a steady 5,000 daily players after peaking late in 2021 with the arrival of fan-favourite character Kunimitsu.