Teleglitch Guns and Tunes DLC provides more guns to fight off the evil

Teleglitch Test3 Projects Paradox Interactive

Teleglitch is a terrifying game. It’s essentially a top-down Doom-like roguelike where you can craft your own weapons. You’re always low on ammo and an inch from death. The new DLC may provide comfort but the comfort is a lie, the new guns won’t stop you from dying. A lot.

The eight new weapons are all added to the starter roster. So they can be picked right from the off.

Guns and Tunes wouldn’t earn its name with just the weapons. It also comes with five new tracks of music to score the game. These aren’t in-game tracks but a separate soundtrack that you can listen to outside of the game. According to the DLC’s description, the tracks “convey the constant tension of T3P’s chilling game world and complements the actual in-game ambient soundtrack.”

The DLC also adds the option to randomize what weapons you begin the game with.

You can check it out in the Steam store.