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Tell us your best EverQuest story and have your character immortalised in (internet) print


EverQuest Next is going to be a hotbed for player stories, every single one of them ending: ‘…and then the voxel earth crumbled beneath my feet, casting me into a nest of gnolls’. But we’re going to have to wait for those, so in the meantime it seems prudent to draw upon nearly a decade and a half’s worth of player tales in Norrath and celebrate those instead.

Here’s the deal: if you got to know your husband or wife on Thursday night raids, or played so much that you wound up making MMOs yourself, or were part of anything else special during EverQuest’s long history, leave us a comment and let us know. Because we’d like to talk to you.

Studies have shown that there’s more than one good story in any one world, so we’re set up to recognise three: first prize will mean an interview with you, conducted by us lot. Second place will bag a Naggy hat, much-coveted among the EverQuest community:

And third prize means a set of EverQuest Next art cards. Both runners-up will also win a Next-related fan package.

So: unravel your tale for us in the comment section below, and we’ll pop the best in an envelope to send over to ProSiebenSat.1, the team now responsible for looking after EverQuest 2 in Europe. They’ll then pick the top three, and we’ll be in contact with the teller of the finest for a chat.

The closing date is October 9, which should be time enough to formulate your structure, go over the major plot beats and sort out the pacing.

One last thing: ProSiebenSat also accept videos, so feel free to link to any those. Now take us away to Norrath, ye brave bards of EverQuest!