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Telltale's Mr. Robot might be a thing

Mr Robot

Telltale have been teasing something Mr. Robot-related on Twitter, suggesting that the hit TV series will be the studio's next adaptation. 

If you want to know what else is coming, our list of upcoming PC game releases has you covered. 

Telltale have been sharing fictional advertisements from E-Corp, the shady organisation from hacker series Mr. Robot. Advertisements such as the video below:

It seems strage that Telltale would randomly start sharing the marketing material for a TV show, unless of course there's some kind of collaboration incoming. 

I'm cautiously optimistic about a Mr. Robot adaptation - it's sufficiently dark and adult enough, and it would be interesting to get into the mind of its fascinating lead, but Telltale's engine is really starting to show its age, despite improvements.

What Telltale adaptations would you like to see?

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QDP2 avatarNihlusGreen avatar
QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

Tt Mass Effect, or another Tt Borderlands. Those would be the top of my list of wanted Tt games.

NihlusGreen Avatar
1 Year ago

Literally just finished watching season 1 a few days ago, excellent show with inspirations from Fight Club and Matrix and high quality production. And while I would prefer more BL and Wolf Among Us and a dip into Mass Effect and Dragon Age, this is still good tidings.