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How long is Temtem?

Here’s how much bang for your buck you’ll get for buying Crema’s Pokemon-inspired MMO

A tamer running around with a Temtem

How long is Temtem? It’s a fair question to ask as many players are still not sure what to expect from this new IP. We all have our back catalogue to get through, and tossing another game on the pile doesn’t always mean we’ll get around to playing it. With the recent release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, though, our interest has been peaked by Temtem – we’re a jealous lot, us PC gamers – the latest endeavour to realise the dream of Pokemon games on PC.

Developed by Spanish indie studio Crema, Temtem is a MMO monster collector that wears its Pokemon influences on its sleeve. You kick things off by picking one of three Temtem starters, and then journey across the land to train your Temem and pit them against others in dojos. There are Temtem types to get acquainted with, and you can create one with perfect stats through Temtem breeding. As this is a Pokemon-like, there are Temtem evolutions, too. Crema has plenty of its own ideas, too. Since it’s on PC, it leans into the MMO-aspect the best it can. As you journey around, you’ll see plenty of other tamers. The battle format is two-on-two to encourage cooperative play further.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, then read on as we break down how long you’ll be spending with Temtem should you decide to part with your cash. On that note, here is how long Temtem is.

How long is Temtem?

Temtem will take you around 25-30 hours to beat in the Early Access build. That comes from Crema itself, who – while speaking to Segment Next – explains that a single playthrough will keep you busy for that long should you rush past the sidequests and avoid completing everything available.

Once the game fully releases, however, Crema expects the playthrough time to “double” as the Early Access build has “approximately half the content”. As for DLC content, Crema says it hasn’t crossed its mind as the team is focusing on getting the game ready for full release.

If that sounds like your type of thing, then you can check out our Temtem early access launch date guide to find out how to get involved. You’ll find us mulling over which outfit we like best.