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Temtem update makes Luma hunting even more of a grind, but relief is coming

The Luma rate got a big nerf, but other options are apparently coming

Temtem has been upon us for a few weeks now, giving dedicated players plenty of time to see all the content in the Early Access version and start the endgame grind that you find in any MMORPG. The latest Temtem update has some players worried that the game is getting too grindy already, but developer Crema says relief is on the way – for at least some of the issues.

The latest patch reduces the appearance rate of Luma temtem from 1 in 6,000 to 1 in 8,000. Luma temtem are basically equivalent to Pokémon’s shiny creatures, and have better stats than their normal counterparts. That makes them essential to players looking to stay competitive, and these changes vastly increase the time commitment it takes to find a Luma.

“There will be an active way of hunting Luma in the future to improve the overall chances,” the devs say on Twitter. No details yet on exactly what form that new Luma hunting option will take, but it will hopefully make tracking down the special temtem less of a time sink.

The 0.5.12 patch also introduces the Saipark – an endgame area that charges an entry fee and contains two temtem that rotate each week. These versions of the creatures will have have benefits like a greater chance of turning up Luma, or special moves and boosted stats. Each trip into the park takes an increasing amount of in-game currency, and the devs say that amount will fluctuate each week based on what’s in the park.

The current Saipark lineup includes Barnshe and Oceara, each appearing with a doubled Luma rate.