Ten reasons why we need a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V


Update: we ran this feature nearly a year ago. Our opinion remains unchanged. Come on Rockstar. Do the right thing. 

A PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has not yet been confirmed, which is worrying news for anybody hoping to play a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Rather the PC version is merely “up for consideration”, or so Rockstar’s Vice-President Dan Houser told IGN. Up for consideration! Oh, for a crumb from Rockstar’s table. A Grand Theft Auto game failing to appear on PC would be a tragedy, so we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of ten reasons why Grand Theft Auto V simply must make its way to our platform, the platform of kings, entitled kings who stamp their little royal feet when there’s a vague chance of popular game not coming to PC.

And if you’re wondering: is it all dumb videos of horses and things like that? Well, that would be telling!

This horse:

This elephant:

This Superman:

These frictionless cars:

This Mickey Mouse:

This DeLorean:

This Atlas and P-Body:

These dinosaurs:

This Iron Man:

These graphics enhancements:

You know what to do, Mister Houser.