TERA going free to play on February 5th


TERA will be making the transition to free to play on the 5th of February. The transition will be powered by an item shop, which will include boosts and cosmetic items. Some new content is also coming with this update including a new dungeon, 3v3 PvP arenas and a new addition to the political system.

Announcing the date on the official site, TERA’s a highly praised MMO but has lackluster population numbers. Personally, I was put off by the thought of paying for yet another subscription fee.
Free Users will receive full access to the entirety of the game’s content including all the races, classes, dungeons, PVP and equipment. Those that have purchased TERA before the switch will receive Veteran status, which offer some advantages that free users do not receive e.g. more character slots, no gold limits and a title amongst other things.
For the hardcore fans there’s the “TERA Club”, a simple subscription plan that gives you a daily and monthly boost items to help you with your adventures for the old subscription price of £8.99.
The item shop will include the previously mentioned boosts as well as cosmetic items. Eventually the shop will also stock exclusive mounts, weapons skins and clothing.
Will you be trying out or returning to TERA on the 5th of February? Join me on the EU Ishara server and add “Gelta” to your friends list.