Terra Invicta, from the modders behind XCOM Long War, raises $216k on Kickstarter

Terra Invicta hits Steam next year

Long War is one of the best XCOM mods (Long War 2 is also one of the best XCOM 2 mods, while we’re on the topic), and the folks behind those projects are now bringing their experience to bear on something original: Terra Invicta. The game’s Kickstarter has just concluded, bringing in a total of $216,065 from 4,278 backers.

Terra Invicta hit its modest initial funding goal of $20,000 in its first day, and ended up bringing over ten times that amount in its month-long campaign – just enough to hit all of its stretch goals. The game already has a publisher in the Texas-based Hooded Horse, which will be increasing its own funding for the title as a result of the Kickstarter’s success.

As in XCOM, Terra Invicta has you defending earth from an alien invasion, but it expands the scope to that of full grand strategy and 4X games. You manage the campaign across the entire solar system, commanding your assets to do battle on your behalf. There are pausable real-time space battles that you directly control, but don’t expect boots-on-the-ground tactical strategy here.

Check out a gameplay trailer below.

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Terra Invicta has been in development since 2017, and is expected to release in summer 2021.