Terramars will have you stave off cabin fever on the red planet

Terramars developing beyond

A base builder set on the red planet, Terramars has you manage a crew of six as you try to construct humanity’s first Mars base. 

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Last week, Epic Games and the Wellcome Trust revealed the finalists of the Developing Beyond contest. This week we’re going to be taking a closer look at each of the finalists as well as the projects that unfortunately didn’t make it through to the final stage. The first of the finalists we’re looking at is Terramars.

The challenge of Terramars is two-fold: first, you have to manage the limited resources of the planet to build your base. That means searching for resources while also making sure your crew don’t end up in a precarious situation, like running out of oxygen.

Second, and this is where the Wellcome connection really comes in, you also have to manage your crew as they deal with the psychological and physiological strain of being on an alien planet for an extended period of time.

Your crew members will have to deal with the claustrophobia of living in a small base and deal with the stress that puts on their relationships. I can imagine what spending six months living in close proximity with your coworkers would do, I have to sit next to Ben Maxwell and his incessant pleasantness for eight hours a day and that’s already sending me over the edge.

As a finalist, Terramarshas been awarded $60,000 to continue development, so we’ll start seeing a lot more of the game in action over the coming months.