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Terraria 1.4.4 update in endgame, taking “fun suggestions”

Development for the Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love is now in the endgame according to lead developer Redigit, but the team is still taking fun suggestions

Terraria 1.4.4 update - glowing mushrooms in pink, orange, yellow, and green in the underground mushroom biome

Development for Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love is now “in the end game” according to lead developer Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks – but the game’s creator says that, while the team is done taking serious suggestions, “for fun suggestions are always welcome as usual.” The next major update for one of the best crafting games is its biggest since the Journey’s End update that was promised to be its final one, and it looks set to reduce your need for some of the best Terraria mods that have circumnavigated previous problems.

The Labor of Love patch promises to add a huge wealth of quality of life changes to the sandbox game – some of the standout highlights being the addition of Terraria gear loadouts and a small but significant change bringing about an end to corrupted Terraria jungle woes. It sees almost all your inventory stacks raising from a 999 cap to 9999, which translates to a huge Terraria inventory expansion.

Now, it seems like the update is getting very close to arriving. Spinks, who loves to interact with and often tease the game’s playerbase, has continued to throw out little snippets alongside the rest of the Re-Logic development staff. In response to one player asking for a fix for a long-standing background visual glitch, Spinks remarks, “I can’t remember, but I think we did fix that early on in this update.”

Spinks has also threatened that the game’s notorious clown has been given a buff – many years ago, the disconcertingly cheerful enemy tossed bombs that could destroy blocks (including those of your carefully-built home), prior to being nerfed. This has led to some player speculation that the nightmare feature could be making a return. Spinks also responded to a query about doors saying, in rather contemplative fashion, “I think we can use more door types in general, especially bigger ones.”

In addition to Twitter, Spinks has also been active on the game’s subreddit, confirming some popular fan requests will be included such as the Digging Molecart being obtained earlier in the game’s progression when it is more useful. In more aesthetic-related news, Spinks showed off that glowing mushrooms will now give off light matching the colour they are painted, and that they’ll match the colour of grass they grow on. He still won’t reveal what the new secret of the Angel statue is, however.

Spinks even has a laugh at his own expense about a humorous comment from leading Terraria YouTuber ChippyGaming, who remarks, “No more suggestions for 1.4.4 – only ones for 1.5,” implying that the team won’t ever be able to let the game lie. In response, Spinks jokes, “Ahh yes, 1.5 the long awaited final update,” referencing the numerous prior releases that have been labeled as such.

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