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Terraria 1.4.4’s Zenith seed hides a secret in its worldgen

Players have discovered a secret hidden in the Terraria 1.4.4 update’s Zenith seed that can influence world generation via a minigame in the indie sandbox game

Terraria 1.4.4 Zenith seed secret - a gold chest, diamond, and life crystal floating over the Terraria world generation screen

The Terraria 1.4.4 Zenith seed is one of the most fun and exciting prospects added during the crafting game’s Labor of Love update. The Terraria 1.4.4 update arrived on September 28, yet a full month after its arrival plenty of secrets are still being discovered. This particular reveal pertains to the sandbox game’s “ultimate challenge” – a combination of every custom world seed designed to date that also introduces a new Terraria legendary difficulty setting.

The Zenith seed, affectionately called ‘getfixedboi’ in a nod to an old complaint sent to the Terraria team many years ago, is described by the team as “the true magnum opus of Terraria world seeds” and functions as the game’s most taxing challenge. It brings together the likes of ‘For The Worthy’ (a seed already previously designed to provide players with an extra-difficult setting), ‘No Traps’ (a seed that, as the name helpfully suggests, places an incredibly high amount of traps in the world), and ‘Don’t Dig Up’ (a seed that flips player progression on its head, starting players in the underworld and having them work their way up to a completely redesigned surface layer).

All of that combines to make one heck of a challenge – but it turns out that there’s one particular secret in the Zenith seed’s world generation that could make your life dramatically easier. As Terraria YouTuber Waasephi explains, if you move your cursor around on the world generation screen, you can bump the falling stars flying across space. Doing so will reward you with the sound of a cat meowing. While that would probably be reward enough, the number of times you do this is actually tracked by the game and influences the number of items spawned into the world.

You get 0.1% extra items and structures in the world for every star you hit, up to a maximum bonus of 20% for a total of 200 stars. This can include life crystals, statues, chests, gemstone caves, and pots – but it’s not all good news, as traps and TNT barrels are also considered. That said, more stuff should make your life easier on the whole, and when you’re facing the challenges of Terraria’s hardest seed, every little helps.

A post about the easter egg was shared on Twitter by the game’s creator and lead developer Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks, all but confirming its accuracy. In addition, Re-Logic VP and Terraria producer Whitney ‘Cenx’ Spinks also responds with an “it’s true” GIF to further verify the news. Get out there and start pinging those stars!

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