Fan recreates Terraria in 3D, and it’s terrifying

One crafting game fan’s hobby project lets you play Terraria in 3D, is planned to be free-to-play with multiplayer, and its newest update adds the crimson biome

Terraria 3D fan project - the Eye of Cthulhu

Sure, Terraria might be one of the best crafting games on PC, but have you ever considered what it could be like with a third dimension? Developer Peteh12, also known as 3D Worm, is aiming to answer that question with a free-to-play project that reimagines Terraria in 3D. They first showed off the project earlier in the year, having previously created 3D models of some of the survival game’s most iconic boss enemies.

Now the newest update shows off the game’s take on the evil crimson biome. Peteh12 says they’ve been working on the game for over ten months now, and that while it’s still fairly early in the process they are intending to include multiplayer compatibility when the game releases. It might be a way off, but it’s already looking very impressive, with the option to play from both a third-person and first-person viewpoint.

The game itself is built in Unreal Engine, and reimagines many of Terraria’s most recognisable enemies, items, and environments in full 3D. It also features fan remixes of some of the game’s music. The HUD and UI is currently taken almost directly from the original 2D game, which helps to really sell the effect. Peteh12 has already shown off a couple of the early Terraria boss fights in their 3D forms too, and seeing the Eye of Cthulhu’s second form charging towards you from the dark of night in first-person is, quite frankly, pretty terrifying.

The new crimson biome is the first so far to receive a dedicated underground section – digging below the surface is obviously a very important part of the Terraria experience, so seeing that in action is certainly promising. Peteh12 explains that, much like the original Terraria, environments in Terraria 3D are procedurally generated using a seed, which is why the development of underground environments has been delayed somewhat.

Peteh12 also details how they created the Crimson’s signature winding tunnels in their newest update. You can check out this latest video for Terraria 3D below, showing off the new Crimson and Underground Crimson biomes, along with their horrifying swarms of nightmare monsters.

YouTube Thumbnail

The project itself still has plenty left to go before it is finished, but you can follow along with the developer’s progress on YouTube, which also contains links to other resources and ways to support the development if you’re so inclined.

If all this seems just a little too spooky, perhaps this Lego Terraria build is more appealing. Meanwhile, if you’re playing actual Terraria, the Crimson and Corruption biomes are about to get a lot less scary with a new Terraria potion that helps you spot and prevent the further spread of the evil biomes.