Fan’s Lego Terraria build tackles bosses, mining escapades

One crafting game fan has been working on a Lego Terraria build, and you can watch their creation slowly growing as they add to the RPG game’s blocky tribute

Lego Terraria build: two lego figures fight the Eye of Cthulhu

Lego tributes are a popular way for fans to show love to their favourite games, and one crafting game enthusiast has done exactly that with a Lego Terraria build that they’ve been gradually fleshing out. Reddit user aaadvancednerd started off with a tiny little house concept based on the indie game and has gradually added more to their design in incremental chunks, building out a large scene over multiple instalments.

The first build aaadvancednerd posted to the RPG game’s subreddit was a simple house with four walls, a chair, table, and crafting bench. It features the game’s guide hiding inside while another figure tackles several slime enemies atop the structure’s roof. The post proved popular, inspiring them to follow up with a scene of an armoured character holding off several zombies and flying demon eyes.

Fans responded that they’d particularly like to see the large Eye of Cthulhu boss recreated – and aaadvancednerd responded with an impressive design of two figures facing off against the giant, toothy monster. Their attention to detail is notable, closely replicating common build tricks and combat arena layouts used by players, and the builds make clever use of all manner of bricks and individual Lego studs to approximate the game’s textures.

Their latest update features two sets, including their first attempt at tackling underground modules and a decked-out two-story house for the game’s merchant. The underground scene showcases two intrepid explorers delving into a cave network, complete with ore patches and the sporadic wall and floor torch placement you’d expect from your average Terraria expedition. There’s no telling how much larger this project will grow, but we’re quietly hoping to see them flesh out other areas of the map such as the jungle and crimson biomes.

Another industrious Lego creator has been working on a Lego Minecraft stop motion project. The two survival games have also bumped into one another recently with news of an ex-Minecraft modder being hired to work on Terraria mod tools. One player managed to achieve pre-hardmode Terraria flight recently in a rather unusual manner.

Header image by aaadvancednerd.