Dead Cells and Terraria devs tease indie game crossover

The Dead Cells and Terraria devs have spoken on Twitter suggesting an indie game crossover could be on the cards for the crafting sandbox and roguelike game

Terraria Dead Cells crossover tease - The Beheaded from Dead Cells in the caverns of Terraria

Two of the best indie games on PC could be coming together after the Dead Cells and Terraria devs got into a brief Twitter discussion about the possibility of a collaboration between the two games. The recently released Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love includes a number of references to other games, with nods including Stardew Valley Terraria pets and a Core Keeper Terraria crossover.

One fan on Twitter sparked off the conversation by asking Terraria creator and lead developer Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks what his thoughts would be about a Terraria crossover with the Motion Twin-developed roguelite game Dead Cells. The user suggests that they would love to see a skin based on The Beheaded, the player character of Dead Cells.

In response, Spinks comments that he likes the idea, saying, “Seems like it would be an awesome crossover to me.” Of course, there’s no shortage of possible crossovers that would be awesome, but it takes work on both sides of the deal to make them actually happen. Fortunately, it seems as though Motion Twin are on board with the idea – their reply to the thread simply says, “Maybe we can get something in the works.”

Of course, at this point the Terraria community kicked off thinking about all the possibilities such a crossover could offer. Vanity sets aside, there are tons of great weapons in Dead Cells that would make for fantastic implementations in Terraria. Personally, I’d love to see the nunchuck-style Panchaku, or the Sparta kicks offered by the Spiked Boots. Another option suggested by players is Valmont’s Whip, which lands a sharp critical hit if you manage to connect with the very tip.

On the Dead Cells side of things, it’d be great to see Terraria’s iconic Terra Blade make it into the roguelike as a weapon. Whatever the outcome, we’d certainly be extremely into the crossover. It also serves as a welcome reminder that, while you should never expect developers to cater to your every whim, if you think you have a good idea it never hurts to ask – just make sure to do so politely.

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