Survival game Farworld Pioneers is Terraria in space

New survival game Farworld Pioneers is coming to Steam in the near future, and it seems to bring the best parts of Terraria to a far-flung planet

Farworld Pioneers: Survival game hero looks over an open plain

TinyBuild and Igloosoft announced Farworld Pioneers, a new sci-fi survival game slated to enter early access in 2023, and it’s giving us major Terraria vibes – if Terraria had physics-based gunplay and nuclear weapons, that is. In Farworld, you play as an explorer who suffered a terrible accident and crashed on an unknown planet. Alone, cold, and hungry, you venture forth to find a way of staying alive in the face of everything the mysterious planet throws at you.

And it throws a lot at you. Normal weather effects such as blizzards and rain are a regular hazard, but you also run into radiation storms and other deadly obstacles that force you to find, or build, shelter. It turns out you’re not quite as alone as it first seems as well.

The planet is home to some rather villainous types, including raiders who want to pilfer your hard-won resources, but there’s also a loose band of survivors who could really do with a leader, as in you, to build them shelter and offer guidance. Play your cards right and take care of those you lead, and you may end up building a thriving new settlement or five.

Farworld Pioneers promises a robust combat system with physics-based gunplay, though Igloosoft is using “gun” pretty loosely. You can use guns, of course, but you can also use lightning-powered weapons, carbines, and nuclear weapon launchers and completely reshape the planet’s terrain in the process.

It’s a promising setup, and if you don’t feel like waiting to get your hands on it, you’re in luck. Igloosoft released a Farworld Pioneers demo that’s live through August 8 if you want to give it a try yourself.

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