Re-Logic announces official Terraria graphic novel series

Terraria developer Re-Logic announces a new official Terraria graphic novel series in collaboration with 50 Amp Productions, revealing the issue one cover art

Terraria graphic novel announced by Re-Logic and 50 Amp Productions - two figures with pickaxes look out over a grassy, hill-covered landscape

The world of Terraria is packed with secrets and mysteries that enable players to experience their own unique stories – now the crafting game is telling a tale of its own with a new official Terraria graphic novel series. The project is being handled by 50 Amp Productions in collaboration with the RPG game’s developer Re-Logic.

The first book in the series is almost finished, according to a post by Re-Logic on the game’s Steam news page. Each book comprises four separate issues, with the book one, issue one cover art being revealed in the post – although Re-Logic notes that the Terraria logo used in the artwork is a placeholder and will be replaced for the final product by a brand-new custom logo designed for the graphic novel series.

“Outside of working on Terraria itself, this is maybe the most excited we have been for any project we have been involved with thus far,” proclaims Re-Logic in its post, saying that it has “high hopes and big plans here, should these do well enough and meet with the approval of the Terraria community.”

Book one issues 1-4 are planned to be released as standalone items beginning in Q3 2022 and continuing through to the end of the year. Re-Logic says it then plans to release the completed book one as a full package along with “some special additions” in early 2023, before production begins on book two. The authors have not yet been named at the time of writing, although 50 Amp says that it will be announcing the creative team soon.

Re-Logic notes that Terraria is a game with a very open-ended story, although there are many characters, regions, events, and foes that will almost certainly pop up along the way. As such, the team recommends readers “view this as just one possible take on the limitless stories that could be told about the who, what, and why behind what happens in the world of Terraria.” Personally, we’re very excited to see the graphic novel’s take on the nightmarish Wall of Flesh.

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Header image credit: 50 Amp Productions / Re-Logic