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Your Terraria inventory is about to get a massive upgrade

The Terraria devs are unveiling some of the quality of life features coming in 1.4.4, including a massive item stack upgrade to make inventory management easier

Terraria inventory management: A house filled with items

Terraria‘s next final update (I really don’t know how many more ‘final update’ jokes I can keep making) is going to make inventory management a whole lot easier. The devs at Re-Logic have already said that Terraria 1.4.4 is focused more on balance changes and quality-of-life improvements, and today they’ve revealed a particularly notable update.

The maximum stack size is getting ten times bigger than its current limit of 999. “Simply put, we are increasing the stack size of nearly every stackable item in the game to 9999,” the devs say in the latest monthly update blog post. “Please note that there are some exceptions to this, but only around ten to 15 which had to be kept as-is for mechanical purposes.”

1.4.4, or the ‘Labour of Love’ update is set to arrive sometime “later this year”. If you want to know everything that’s been confirmed for the update so far, you can check out the official wiki (which has recently been brought under new management).

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