Terraria item loadouts are a huge boon with one big caveat

Terraria item loadouts were introduced in the Terraria 1.4.4 Labor of Love update, but the crafting game is missing one key feature to make them more useful

Terraria item loadouts - a character fights enemies in the underworld

Terraria item loadouts have been a long time coming, and their inclusion in the Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love is a very welcome addition to one of the best sandbox games on PC. The change gives players the ability to save three gear sets simultaneously, meaning you can easily swap armour and accessories on the fly without the need to manually swap everything out. However, it’s created one slightly awkward drawback, which fans are eager to see Re-Logic implement a fix for.

The loadouts make it easy and convenient to fish on the fly, or drop your mining loadout for a combat-ready one at a moment’s notice. It also means you no longer need to carry all your spare gear around in your inventory, as the three separate loadout slots all get their own space. However, as things stand, you currently need to have unique items for each loadout set you create.

In many cases this isn’t too big of a deal, because a lot of items are specifically used for certain things. You’ll likely want to swap out your armour set and many of your accessories for certain activities anyway, after all. However, there are a few endgame Terraria items that can be difficult to put together but are useful across the board – the likes of Ankh Shields and Terraspark Boots come to mind – that you might want to equip on all your loadouts at once.

As a result, one player took to the Terraria Reddit asking for the option to lock accessory slots across all items. It seems like a relatively simple adjustment that should eliminate the need to try and get your hands on multiples of items that require intense grinding and farming to obtain, which is difficult in any instance and almost impossible if playing on a multiplayer world with others who want their own accessories as well.

One commenter suggests a rather clever implementation, where instead of locking it across all loadouts you could toggle slots on loadouts two and three to use the item in the corresponding slot on your first loadout. This would enable players to use items across two loadouts simultaneously, but still use the slot for a different trinket on their other setup. For example, having your best Terraria wings on is great for mining and combat, but not really necessary if you’re just planning to do a spot of fishing.

Developer Re-Logic is traditionally very happy to listen to fan ideas, so it’s likely that this idea will at least be considered for implementation in some form by the team. Terraria lead Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks also recently put out a call on Twitter for fans to make any suggestions they’d like to see in Terraria 1.4.5, which is currently being worked on as the team returns from an extended December break.

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