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Terraria patch 1.3.3 improves blizzards and adds sandstorms

Terraria sandstorm

Tarraria’s latest patch is all about the elements – it’s a song of icicles and sand grains, or something. Blizzards will now be more blizzardy, and sandstorms are now a thing. 

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Sandstorms are the big new feature of the latest patch, introducing not only a new weather condition, but also new loot, new music and a whole host of bad (and maybe good) times in the desert biome.

To make it seem all the more menacing, desert biomes now have a heat distortion visual effect, while dripping sand effects can also be found in the desert, orplaced anywhere by the player with the Magic Sand Dropper.

That heat distortion effect has also been added to the Underworld, which makes a lot of sense, so why not. Elsewhere, Blizzards have also been improved visually, so their cold embrace will be all the more convincing.

For the full list of new items, tweaks and bug fixes, head over to the Terraria forums.