Dress as your favourite empress-killer in Team Fortress 2

Corvo Attano. Ish.

I’m afraid I’ve been a little presumptuous with the title there. If you’re wanting to don the garb of the sword-wearing Japanese agents who killed the Korean Empress Myeongseong in 1895, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re hoping to wield the sharpened needle file used by an Italian anarchist to stab Elisabeth of Austria three years later, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

If, however, you’re looking to bear a striking resemblance to fictional enemy of Dunwall and former protector of the crown Corvo Attano while you rocket jump – then I can help you.

Two Dishonored items for TF2 were previously available with a pre-order of the game toward the tail end of last year, but haven’t been available for purchase until last night. Now you can buy either the Whale Bone Charm or Lacking Moral Fiber hat for $4.99 each from the game’s store.

The Whale Bone Charm is wearable by any character, and is “guaranteed to be ten times as lucky as your other jewelry made of skeleton parts”.

“Say goodbye to that annoying necklace of rabbit feet, bat wings and shriveled hands you usually wear to buy lottery tickets,” reads the description.

The Lacking Moral Fiber hat is the spitting image of Corvo’s own mask – Spy-only headgear perfect for “tricking people into thinking you’re a down-on-his-luck, dishonored robot who’s just had dental surgery, then getting them to lend you money”.

“Also comes with eye-gun, so if the scam doesn’t work, you can rob them,” write Valve.

Both items are giftable, and will become tradable a few days after purchase. Are you intrigued by the possibility of taking on the visage of a known anarchist?

Thanks, BethBlog.