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[Get Ready] Super Smash Bros. Source isn’t a thing, but this trailer will make you wish it was

Super Smash Bros. Source

Look at this thing. Super Smash Bros. Source doesn’t exist and will never exist and could never exist in a form any of us would be truly happy with, but some talented animator has gone ahead and recreated the intro to Nintendo’s classic mash-up brawler using almost every Source engine star there is. It’s a stupendous presentation, a dual homage to the finest fighting game ever made as well as PC gaming’s celebrity roster. Watch it watch it watch it.

You have to concede that the PC lacks the sort of contiguous cast of co-developed characters you get inside Nintendo’s colourful walled garden, but this rundown of Source engine stars comes close to creating some kind of identifiable, platform-holder curated sorority. The animation closely mirrors Nintendo’s actual Super Smash Bros. Melee introduction, which is as close to a work of art as games tend to get. Here it is.

I think I’d prefer Super Smash Bros. Source to exist inside our imaginations, rather than wish it into existence and risk it not being the most wonderful thing ever created. Especially as Gordon Freeman never looks quite right when viewed from outside of his own skull.But there you go.