Help settle who’s better at TF2: America vs Europe show tournament at i46


Who’s better at Team Fortress 2. Americans? Or Europeans? It’s a vital, vital question; one that VanillaTF2 aim to answer at the i46 LAN; they’re aiming to raise funds to bring US teams into the UK.

They’re asking for $10,000 to send one top American TF2 team over to settle that whole continental rivalry. Pings aren’t capable of sustaining a proper competitive fight between the two landmasses, so why not do it in a room together?

Four teams in the land of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter will be fighting for one coveted place. The winner of the US tournament will win 12 tickets,a map of Europe, and a glossary of English phrases.

Do you want to see this grubby little post-colonial grudge-match happen? Are you hopeful to see the Americans come over here and take our Capture Points? If so, the donate link is right here. The money will go to people looking to settle a score, so you can really feel like you’ve made the world a better place.

In meantime, here’s some inspiration for the Americans preparing to take part in the July 7th qualifiers.