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The Matrix remade in Source Film Maker


As the steady march towards competence in the Source Film Maker continues, users have advanced beyond rehashing the ‘Meet the…’ movies released by Valve onto movies from the late 90s.

At this rate we’ll have a version of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by Monday, The Dark Knight Rises on Wednesday, and have moved onto the releases of next year by Friday.

Sticking with the method of lip-syncing audio tracks from footage to the faces of Valve characters, LiveCurious has opted for the Morpheus Rescue sequence from The Matrix, creating this:

Lulz aside, it actually looks pretty spiffing. Moving away from the Kevin Smith-style dialogue heavy single camera scenes to something altogether more complicated. A good sign of things to come.

Now that the homages to movies of yesteryear has begun I want to see all the classics Valve-ified: the final shootout in Butch Cassidy, the fight scenes in Raging Bull, the finale of The Deer Hunter. What about you?