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Pyromania Day 2: Man on fire is on fire

The second set of details of what's coming in the Pyromania update have just dropped. There's two new items for the Scout, two more for the Sniper, and one each for the Pyro and the Soldier, all themed around modern gang warfare.

Oh, and a screenshot from Meet the Pyro.

I wonder if the backdrop for the screenshot is part of a new map - that would tie in nicely with the city on fire theme. 

Here's what was added in the Pyromania day one update, along with clues. 

Still no sign of the Mann vs Machine mode though. Now we are sad. Here is our saddest face: :(

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Coccyx avatar
Coccyx Avatar
6 Years ago

hrmph, no new spy items so far. You'd have thought they'd get some love, what with the massive disadvantage they'll have over the next few days as everyone rushes to play pyro.