Steam Summer Sale 2013 alluded to in latest Team Fortress 2 update


Team Fortress 2 was updated in the early hours of this morning. We’ve become accustomed to midweek rounds of bugfixes for Valve’s immortal shooter, but what’s this? The mildest suggestion of an incoming Steam Sale to End All Steam Sales?

Valve have added something called a ‘Summer Appetizer Crate’ to the game’s drop list, and a ‘Summer Appetizer Key’ to the Mann Co. Store. Valve are Steam, Steam and Summer have an on-off thing, Team Fortress 2 is the vehicle for Valve’s whims, and somewhere therein conclusions can be drawn.

Hrrm. The hinge on my wallet is a little ropey. Don’t know if it’ll last the weekend. How about yours?

Thanks, Redditors.

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Balverine avatar
Balverine Avatar
4 Years ago

If your gonna make up stuff like "suggestion for a sale to end all steam sales" you should at least try to note why you think they suggest that other than saying "oh they added a summer crate and a key for the crate!" (who knew they did that..). Nice random BS