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Team Fortress 2 medic call spoofed by Robot Chicken

Team Fortress 2

Cross-medium leaps from gaming to film ring a number of regular alarm bells. One of the loudest is the use of first-person perspective a la Uwe Boll’s Doom, but I think we can make an exception in this case.

It’s not cinema anyway, but TV – a medium with its own arcane set of rules and limitations. Still, most of them are ignored to superb effect by US sketch show Robot Chicken by a) being stop-motion animated, and b) doing stuff like this. It’s a short clip, and an acknowledgement that while TF2 is nominally populated by soldiers, snipers and pyros, what it really does is drop nerds into warzones to spam requests for medical assistance.

Now, if only TF2 really featured hand animations as detailed and characterfulas Robot Chicken’s. Exquisite, aren’t they?